“God’s Will!”


My brother, Darnell, knows that I have friends all over the world who are praying for him. He is the introvert of the family and I, well, am the outgoing one. I take tons of pictures he is still satisfied with his high school senior picture and oh, yes, his wedding picture. He is content to never take another picture in his life. So I was quite surprised when he asked that I take his picture, in the hospital, and put on Facebook and put the caption as “God’s Will!”  

"God's Will"

It brought tears to my eyes seeing his strength, his conviction, and the pain he has endured for two months.

My brother was very recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS which has significantly impaired his hearing, speech, and walking. He has been unable to get medical help for two months because his insurance was canceled because he was on the job less than a year and has been unable to work for two months. He was unable to work because this disease was sudden and swift. It  started with his eyes, face, hands, legs. Two months ago he was walking. Today he can’t. Two months ago he could talk clearly. Today he slurs. Two months ago he could grip things. Today he can’t. And yet his spirits, despite a few, very few, down moments, his spirits are high and he says “this is God’s will for me right now. He has a plan and purpose and I accept that.” Wow! My little brother is on a whole spiritual level that just is causing our parents, his family, me,  and all who come in contact with him to leave his hospital room to marvel at his strength and spiritual resolve. Darnell has always been afraid of needles and anything related to doctors. But what he has endured so graciously  in a short of amount of time just brings tears to my eyes. I love him so much.

The nurses and aides on the floor have just fallen in love with him. Our prayer is that God will restore him to completeness and there are signs that that is happening. Slowly. Please keep Darnell in your prayers. Please keep our mother in your prayers as she will be starting chemo soon. Please keep Tre’ in your prayers that his lupus will remain under control. And please keep my father, sister-in-law Ros, nephew Chris and I in your prayers as we juggle things and hold down the fort until rest of family is well. My brother is amazing! I am so proud of his determination, his tenancity, his gentle and loving spirit and his sense of humor.  We serve an awesome God and He is Good!


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    • Hi Jo. Thanks so much for your prayers! God is good and as He promised true to His word that he will give us peace that passeth ALL understanding. God Bless you!

  1. Thank you so much for the testimony of God’s grace and strength in the time of trying circumstances. I will definitely be keeping your brother and all your family members my prayers.

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